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Sat, Apr 20


Orangery Theater Cologne

Let's Get Physical

WDT's spring performance series "Let's Get Physical" will include a live performance and dance films at the Orangery Theater in Cologne on April 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st. Please see below for further information.

Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical

Zeit & Ort

Apr 20, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Orangery Theater Cologne, Volksgartenstrasse 25, 50677 Cologne, Germany

Über die Veranstaltung

Let's Get Physical -Orangeire Theater 

Let's Get Physical is an innovative dance program that presents the creations of the WD Tanztheater. The choreographer Sagí Amir Gros, originally from Tel Aviv but based in Germany, presents a collage of dance creations that are combined through film and live presentations to form an overall interdisciplinary performance, introducing his “Physical Script” approach. It is aimed at a mixed audience interested in artistic representations and physical dance performance.

About the film: Printemps 22 

Printemps 22 is a dance film directed by Sagí Amir Gros and shot by cinematographer Michael Maurissens. The film is based on the life story of the Jewish-Ukrainian ballerina Laura Fridman, who lives and works in Paris. Gros interviewed Fridman and wrote a script that sensitively portrays her intimate experiences against the backdrop of the Ukrainian-Russian war.

The film shows the fragility of Fridman, who is plagued by uncertainty and fears due to her origins and the current political situation. The camera movements are choreographed around the ballerina, creating a poetic image that reflects Fridman's personal story.Printemps 22 is part of Gro's artistic philosophy "Physical Script", which aims to fuse interdisciplinary film and stage work to create a unique film experience. Printemps 22 is an impressive dance film that impresses with its sensitive presentation and fascinating visual elements. He tells a personal story that speaks to universal themes such as identity, belonging and the pursuit of freedom and self-realization. The film was shot during theMoovy dance film festivals in the Museum Ludwig in CologneFilmForum NRW Premiered.

Article about the film by Daniel Magyer in CRESCENDO:

About the performance: VORTEX

VORTEX is a powerful dance performance that focuses on the authenticity of an individual. It presents an emotional whirlwind of each individual arising from personal experiences and emotions. The creation explores themes such as identity formation, gender, longing for belonging and connection with others in relation to stereotypes in our society. At the same time, she addresses the loneliness that many people experience in the modern world, as well as the distant and systematic means of communication used by the media.

The performance begins with choreography depicting an individual's inner conflicts and emotional whirlwind. The dancers express their emotions and thoughts through their movements and show how difficult it can be to find your true identity in a world characterized by stereotypes and prejudices. However, the performance is also marked by loneliness and the difficulty of establishing true connection with others in a world of superficiality and conformism.

production: WDTanztheater

Director, choreographer, text, costumes, camera work & Design: Sagí Amir Gros   

camera operator: Michael Maurissens  

Dancers: WDTanztheater  

Production manager & Manager: Jozsef Csaba Hajzer 

photo: Rouven Lotz

Sponsored by: Cultural Office Cologne, Stichting GrossDanceCompany Amsterdam, NRW State Office for Dance, NRW State Office for Independent Performing Arts, Cultural Office Hagen, Johanniskirche Hagen, Dance Factor Cologne.

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