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The world premiere of the film 'Printemps 22' at Ludwig Musuem in Cologne Germany will be presented on May 19th, 2023 at 7:30pm.
​The film is the opening event for the MOOVY international film festival in Cologne.


The next screening will be at COMEDIA Theater Cologne, as part of the programm 'Bright Light', at 19:00, on January 22nd, 2024. 

'Printemps 22' is directed and choreographed by Sagí Amir Gros, in collaboration with cinematographer Michael Maurissens. The film is produced by WDTanztheater, Germany co-produced by GrossDanceCompany. 

‘Printemps 22’, by film director & choreographer Sagí Amir Gros, presents a sensitive observation of the Parisian Jewish Ukrainian, Russian ballerina Laura Fridman. Gros interviewed Fridman and wrote a script based on her life story. The film exposes her intimate fragility, set against the background of the Ukrainian / Russian war. The camera movements are choreographed around the ballerina, to give the spectators a poetic personal story. The film is part of Gross's artistic philosophy 'Physical Script', a personal approach to merge interdisciplinary film & stage works into a unique cinematic experience.

‘Printemps 22’
Director, script, choreographer, costumes, and light design: Sagí Amir Gross
Performers: Laura Fridman & Adrian Gago Martins

Cinematographer: Michael Maurissens
Camera work: Michael Maurissens & Sagí Amir Gros Management: Jozsef Csaba Hajzer

The film is a produced by WDTanztheater and supported by GrossDanceCompany foundation Amsterdam.

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